Other weather stations in Eastbourne, UK

As I was getting my station set up I found it really helpful to be able to calibrate against other nearby weather stations in and around Eastbourne. So, for my own convenience, and in the hopes that it may be useful for others too, here is my list of other Eastbourne weather stations. It is probably not exhaustive, but it is what I was able to find on WeatherUnderground and the WOW section of the MetOffice website. Thanks to those who run them!

Old Town

Website: myweb.tiscali.co.uk/nigelran3/index.htm

Met Office page: 5583584

Weather Underground page: IENGLAND290


Website: www.weathertime.org.uk/

Met Office page: 207977

Weather Underground page: IEASTSUS29


Website: www.sunwharf.com/will.html

Met Office page: 229364

Weather Underground page: IEASTSUS40